Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The President Who Cried Wolf.

Just like the boy who cried wolf, George Bush’s repeated deceptions have destroyed his credibility. Early in his administration, Bush claimed there was a terrible energy crisis pending. A judge later ruled that crisis was nothing more than Bush’s Enron buddies illegally manipulating the electricity market. Later, Bush claimed Iraq had chemical, biological, and even nuclear weapons. Today we know those weapons of mass destruction didn’t even exist. Now Bush and Cheney have claimed that if John Kerry is elected there will be another deadly terrorist attack. It’s just one more outlandish tale from this President that cannot be believed.

Playing into Bin Laden’s Hands

“Right now, the course we're on, we're achieving Bin Laden's ends.”
--Retired general William Odom,
Former head of the National Security Agency

One of the Republican catch phrases this election has been “Who would Al Queda vote for?” Given the results of the current US policy, the answer is clearly George Bush. By invading Iraq, Bush managed to simultaneously take resources away from the hunt for Bin Laden, turn world sentiment against America, provide new terrorist hiding places in a destabilized Iraq, and improve terrorist recruiting by enflaming Arab anger throughout the Middle East. Al Queda would gladly vote for Bush if they could. But if America really wants to put terrorism on the run, we must vote for John Kerry.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Bush’s 9/11 Smokescreen

George Bush has used the burning rubble of the World Trade Center as a smokescreen to advance an extreme right wing agenda. Fanning the flames of war and terror to consume the headlines, George Bush has quietly issued executive orders undermining everything from environmental policy to civil rights.

Bush’s $100 billion Deception

The Bush administration pressured a top official to hide the fact that the Bush Medicare bill would cost $100 billion more than what they told the public and the congress. This is part of a pattern of expensive deceptions by the Bush administration. They deceived us into a war that has cost $200 billion and over 1,000 American lives. And they deceived us about their blatant abuse of the Geneva Convention in Abu Graib, costing America priceless trust, respect, and cooperation around the world.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Not a Question of Values, a Question of Priorities

The GOP says this election is about values, but they are wrong. This election is about priorities. Which is a greater priority, record pay for CEOs or fair wages for workers? Which is a greater priority, giving no bid contracts to Haliburton or giving reliable support to our soldiers? Which is a greater priority, giving massive tax cuts to the top 1% or giving world class education and health care to all Americans? George Bush revealed his priorities the last four years. When voters look, they see John Kerry shares their priorities, the right priorities for America.

Bush is Decisive, Just like General Custer

Bush is a decisive leader in the same way General Custer was. They both made disastrous decisions and charged forward without a second thought. We know the end result of Custer’s leadership. Given the current state of health care, education, the economy, and Iraq, Bush’s results look about the same.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth vs. The Truth about Bush’s Service

There is a major difference between the accusations against John Kerry’s Vietnam service and the current accusations against George W. Bush’s service. Official Government documents prove The Swift Boat Veteran’s lies to be false. In the case of President Bush, it is official government documents which actually show his breach of contract and misconduct in the National Guard. The only distortions that have are occurred have been the relentless denials and misleading statements by the Bush administration as they have struggled to suppress this story for the past four years.

Kerry’s Iraq Vote: The Simple Explanation

John Kerry voted to authorize the use of force in Iraq because the President, regardless of who holds the office, needs the option to use force in such situations. But President Bush misused, bungled, and abused that authority, misleading our nation into war, alienating us in the world community, and creating a situation in Iraq that is a greater danger to us now than it ever was before the war.