Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The Iraq Torture Scandal: Why Bush is to Blame

President Bush may not have had direct knowledge of Iraqi prisoner abuse. But make no mistake, he is to blame. George W. Bush created an environment for abuse in the War on Terror right from the start. By proclaiming his right to detain citizens indefinitely without judicial oversight or even access to an attorney, he sent the message that the normal standards of justice no longer apply. When his administration dismissed the Geneva Convention with regard to Camp X-ray, it sent the message human rights were not a concern. And when Bush shrugs off missing WMD’s by saying it’s good Saddam is gone, he is arguing that the ends justify the means. When the Commander in Chief makes it clear that the rules no longer apply, human rights don’t matter, and the ends justify the means, he opens the door for abuse. George W. Bush may not have held the leash, but he created the culture that made it possible for the horrific conduct and explosive scandal we’re witnessing now.


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